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Chamaecyparis  (False Cypress)      
pisifera   Zone Description 3 Gallon    
 'King's Gold' Z4 Dwarf compact form, golden yellow threadleaf. 4'h x 4'w. $12.00    
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Groundcover Zone Description 1 Gallon    
 'Blue Pacific'  Z5 conferta Shore juniper, blue-green foliage, low, trailing, vigorous. 12"h x 9'w. $2.75    
*N  'Blue Rug'            Z3 horizontalis Creeping juniper, silver-blue foliage, hugs the ground. 6"h x 6'w. $2.75    
 'Green Sargent'  Z4 chinensis Chinese juniper, blue-green foliage, upright branching. 18-24"h x 9'w. $2.75    
procumbens     1 Gallon 3 Gallon  
 'Nana' Z4 Low spreading, soft green foliage in summer, turning plum in winter.  1'hx3'w $3.25 $9.00  
squamata     3 Gallon    
 'Blue Star'                Z4 Single seed juniper, dense mounding habit, steel blue color. 2-3'h x 4'w. $10.50    
virginiana     3 Gallon    
*N  'Grey Owl'  Z2 Eastern red cedar with silver-gray soft foliage, compact spreader. 3'h x 6'w. $8.75    
**10% discount on the purchase of 100 or more 1 gallon 'Blue Pacific' or 'Blue Rug'**    
Picea  (Spruce)          
abies Zone Description 3 Gallon    
 'Nidiformis' (Bird's Nest)           Z2 Dense and broad, bird nest shape, spreading. 3-6'h x 3-4'w.  $10.00    
glauca     3 Gallon 7 Gallon  
 'Dwarf Alberta'         Z2 Light green, densely set needles, conical. 10-12'h. (in 25 yrs.) $11.50 $24.00  
Pinus  (Pine)          
mugo   Zone Description 3 Gallon    
 'Pumilio' (Mugo Pine) Z2 Low growing pine, broad and bushy, spreading.  3-5'h x 5'w. $9.50    
Taxus  (Yew)          
x media   Zone Description 3 Gallon    
 'Densiformi'                        Z4 Shrublike form, spreading habit, twice as wide as high.  3-4'h x 4-6'w. $10.75    
 'Hicksii' Z4 Columnar, dark green needles, great for hedge or specimen. 10-15'h x 10'w. $10.25    
Thuja  (Arborvitae)        
occidentalis  Zone Description 3 Gallon B&B  
*N  'Emerald Green'  Z3 Narrow, compact pyramidal with vibrant green foliage. 10-15'h x 4-5'w. $9.50 $48.50  
 'Tom Thumb' Z4 Globe shaped, compact grower, rich green foliage.  3-4'h x 3-4'w. $9.50    
Green Giant' Z5 Pyramidal habit, dark green foliage, fast growing.  50'h $9.00    

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